International Development & Environmental Sustainability

biol/geog 304 - Pacific Rim - Summer Session II


Environmental analysis and natural resources in relation to society and development issues. The focus of 304 is on ecological sustainability and sustainable society in the context of various factors that are bringing environmental degradation and impoverishment to people and cultures. It deals with topics of hunger, poverty, international debt, appropriate technology, relief programs, missionary earthkeeping, conservation of wild nature, land tenure, and land stewardship. It employs a discussion format both in classroom and field settings. Its emphasis is on grappling with difficult practical and ethical problems and issues that require deep and persistent thought. (4 credits)

Interdisciplinary, Applied.

Professor: Dr. Michael Ferber

Meets: Tuesday & Friday


Knowledge gained

Biblical Understanding of poverty and environmental stewardship

Current state of the creation

Dimensions of global poverty and injustice

Complexities of social, economic and environmental sustainability

Faith-based approaches to international development and sustainability

Relationships between poverty, injustice and the environment


Skills developed

Strategies for transformational development

Micro and Macro approaches to poverty alleviation and environmental restoration

Community building and community development

Capacity building and empowerment

Incarnational approaches to missions, development, and environmental restoration

Capacity to speak hope into a hurting world


field experiences

Rosario Beach

Coupeville Wharf

San Juan Islands


World Vision Headquarters

Gates Foundation

Pike Market

World Relief Seattle Refugee Centre

Olympic Peninsula:

Makah Cultural and Research Center

Cape Flattery (most western point in the continental US)

Hurricane Ridge