Marine Mammals

biol 359 - Pacific rim - summer session II


Biology, behavior, ecology, identification, and conservation of the marine mammals of the Pacific Rim. This study area covers some major habitats in Puget Sound and the Salish Sea, with attention to the diving physiology, social behavior, and communications of whales and seals. The course aims to develop a stewardship perspective rooted in biological principles and directed at the global conservation of marine mammals and their ecosystems. Special attention is given to their use by cultures of the region in order to understand current issues. Prerequisite: one year of general biology or one semester of zoology. A course in anatomy and/or physiology is recommended. (4 credits)


Professor: Beth Horvath

Meets: Tuesday & Friday


knowledge gained

Taxonomy and phylogeny of marine mammals

Anatomical and physiological adaptations for diving response

Distribution, behavioral and population dynamics of marine mammals


skills developed

Field observation of marine mammals

Marine data collection and analysis


field experiences

Coupeville Wharf - Marine skeletal display

Lime Kiln State Park and Lighthouse (multiple visits)