Dr. Fred Van Dyke
Executive Director

Dr. Brian Keas
Director of Educational Development

Jon Terry
Director of Community Development and Alumni Relations

Eric Bond
Director of Support Services

Paul Wiemerslage M.Ed.
Environmental Education Coordinator

Shirley Shane
Office Manager

John Farrell
Food Services Manager / Support Services Associate

Dr. Rolf Bouma
Graduate Fellows Coordinator


Dieter Bouma
Conservation & Development in the Indian Tropics

Dr. Scott Carr
Environmental Chemistry

Dr. William Deutsch
Watersheds in Global Development

Dr. Dave Dornbos
Field Biology in Spring

Dr. Michael Ferber
International Development and Environmental Sustainability

Dr. Heath Garris
Field Techniques in Wetlands

Dr. Mark Gathany
Environmental Applications in GIS

Dr. Mike Guebert
Land Resources

Dr. Rick Hammer
Restoration Ecology

Dr. David Hoekman
Insect Ecology of Streams, Forests and Fields

Beth Horvath
Marine Mammals

Dr. Matt Ingle
Animal Ecology


Dr. Dan Ippolito
Aquatic Biology

Dr. John Korstad
Lake Ecology and Management

Rachel Lamb
Environmental Law and Policy / Land Resources

Dr. Vern Peters
Conservation Biology

Dr. Eric Steinkamp
Alpine Ecology

Dr. Kenneth Sytsma
Field Botany

Dr. Dave Unander
Tropical Agriculture and Missions

Dr. Tim Van Deelen
Wildlife Ecology

Dr. Ronald Vos
Ecological Agriculture

Dr. Tim Wakefield
Marine Biology

Dr. David Warners
Restoration Ecology




Dave Lamb

Dr. Eugene Dunkley

Helena Cicero

Sarah McCormack, J.D.

Dale Stephenson, J.D.

Dr. Mozhgon Rajaee

Dr. Rob Keys

Dr. Dean Biggins

Rev. Ben Lowe

Bert Froysland
Founding Trustee

Dr. Harold Snyder
Founding Trustee