Wildlife Ecology

biol 345 - Great Lakes - Summer Session II


This course covers the ecology, conservation, and stewardship of wildlife species and their habitats. The main components of the course includes growth and structure of natural and managed populations, environmental and human social factors affecting wildlife communities, and wildlife conservation. The course is set in the context of the historical development of the field from management, to ecology, and to the land ethic of Leopold. It also includes discussions of how to apply this information for management and stewardship of non-game and endangered species, and long-term prospects of wildlife in changing environmental, climatic, and social contexts. Prerequisite: one course in biology, or permission of professor. (4 credits)

Field, Applied.

Professor: Dr. Tim Van Deelen

Meets: Tuesday & Thursday


Skills Developed

Setting up trapping grids

Placing traps

Small mammal handling


Field Experiences

Grass River Natural Area

Seney National Wildlife Refuge