Bill Deutsch releases new book on Alabama's rivers

TODAY at 1:30pmEST, Dr. Bill Deutsch will be interviewed on Troy University Public Radio about his new book, Alabama Rivers: A Celebration and Challenge. Bill is a long-time friend and faculty of Au Sable and is currently on our Great Lakes campus teaching Watersheds in Global Development.

When asked why he would write a book about Alabama’s rivers, Bill proudly replied, “Alabama is an amazing aquatic biodiversity hotspot. We have amazing diversity of fish, mussels and turtles. As a matter of fact, there are more turtle species in the Mobile River basin than the Amazon basin.”

If you want to know why Alabama has such rich diversity of aquatic plants and animals, you will need to buy the book. When Bill is not teaching at Au Sable, he is a Research Fellow in the School of Fisheries at Auburn University, while also directing the Alabama Water Watch and Global Water Watch programs.

Buy the book here.

Listen to Bill on the radio at 1:30pmEST (listen on channel HD-1).

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