Alyssa Sargent earns Field Naturalist Certificate

Helena Cicero (left) presents the certificate to Alyssa Sargent (right).

Helena Cicero (left) presents the certificate to Alyssa Sargent (right).

We are pleased to announce that Alyssa Sargent has been awarded the Field Naturalist Certificate. The certificate was personally presented to her by Au Sable board member, Helena Cicero, at the The Oakes Museum of Natural History in Mechanicsburg, PA, where Helena serves as Director. Alyssa participated on a research team at Au Sable and intends to study hummingbirds in graduate school. Alyssa has a unique and important role in furthering God’s kingdom on earth, and we are thankful to have played a role in her personal and professional development. We are proud of her and look forward to watching her continued efforts to serve, protect and restore God’s earth.

The Field Naturalist Certificate certifies that students have proficiency in certain occupational skills in interpretive natural history and environmental biology through the completion of field-based courses taken at the Institute and the student's home university and through other required experiences. Through the hands-on learning in the courses and experiential work, the focus is on gaining proficiency in various skills that apply to working in museums with specimen preparation and management, in environmental techniques and leading field trips, and in managing library resources in environmental and natural history topics.

Au Sable Institute offers four different certifications: Naturalist, Land Resources Analyst, Water Resources Analyst, and Environmental Analyst. On average approximately 4-8 students earn a certificate each year.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about our certification process.